Do you have a problem with white people?






I’m Black
In America…

You tell me.

I’m not sure about anon but I will happily tell you. Black people in America aren’t oppressed. People bend over backwards for black people nowadays. There’s no white man holding you back any more. It’s your shitty ghetto culture and insistence on touting your victimhood that holds you back. Your petty bitterness at the ‘system’ (the same system that you’re too stupid or stubborn to realise is desperately trying to appease you and the rest of your whiny kind) is not doing you any favours. 

The entitled attitude amongst liberal black people is what gives other black people a bad name. Liberal black folk refuse to ever accept responsibility and blame for their actions, always trying to blame it on whitey. Yet you still wonder why certain people resent you? It’s not helping your cause. If you want to improve the living conditions of black people in America, stop acting like little brats moaning about 
imaginary oppression and prove that you’re actually worthy of respect, like every other individual has to do.

Someone address this too if you have the time lol

Lmao. Our “ghetto culture.” I didn’t stomach to read the rest of this. It’s now comical to me to see white people so stupid, so I’m denial, and so gross. There’s entirely too much to unpack and say and it’s not my job to teach corny crackers who troll the internet, trying to “teach” as if they understand anything. But, do you.

Lmao I didn’t read if either.

Tuuuuhhhhh! 🙌

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"Because, I bring that luvin’ feelin’ back to rap.."

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I love her freckles..


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countdown til..


  1. slap me.
  2. hand from cheek, to throat
  3. roots, not tips. pull.
  4. harder.
  5. back to 1.
  6. h a r d e r 
  7. bite there.. & there.. you know where there is.. 
  8. there too..
  9. back to 3
  10. say my name 
  11. again
  12. ..again
  13. please..
  14. back to one..
  15. don’t stop..
  16. 13.
  17. its yours..
Damn, Pup.. thepoetspace