Baybaaaay lemme tell you.. 🙌

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Edit: *put you down* ☺️
This Queen right HERE! Spoke my entire heart, man..

If you ain’t with that positive shit, get on bout ya business, ya dig? 😏😉😘

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Just keep swimmin’.. 🐬
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Ooooooweeeee.. This is so spot-on! 🙌😩😍

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Ooooo! 😱 Good luck errbody 😁✨

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My Motherpeace Round Tarot card reading today 😊

VII “Chariot”- the Chariot represents a vehicle under control, the amazon consciousness that allows a person to take charge of her own life and make her own decisions, agreements and responses. The Chariot signifies a winner; the charioteer, a victorious warrior, self-disciplined and firmly grounded on the physical plane.

X “Wheel of Fortune”- the Goddess Fortuna smiles and turns the wheel of life, manifesting a big event, a transition or a fortunate turn in the tides of destiny. Somewhere in the spinning, a special star emits a benevolent ray of light to the planet and a cyclic pattern shows itself.

Son of Discs- Focus; determination; hypnotism; lightness and penetration.

Hey nooooooow 😁😄😆🙌✨🌀

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  • Men: Not ALL men.
  • Men to their daughters: Yes, all men. Every single one of them.

All the time..

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Mono meeeeaaaaal! 😁😍😛

You may wonder, “What the heck is a mono meal!?” As the name suggests, it is simply a meal consisting of one ingredient. It can be a bunch of carrots, or a bowl of cherries, a slice of watermelon, etc., as long as you’re eating food that is a pile of just one thing, you’re eating a mono meal.

"Why would I want to eat just one thing?"
Well.. It’s the easiest on your digestion. Most people, regardless of what type of lifestyle they’re following and what kind of diet they’re on, suffer from indigestion every now and then.

Even if you started eating raw you might feel once in a while that you over-ate, because starting to munch on a handful of nuts sometimes results in gobbling down a whole pound of them. Sounds familiar? It sure happened to me in the beginning!

Another reason for eating single ingredient meals can be that some foods cause you discomfort and you’re suspecting allergies or food sensitivities. The only way to find out for sure where the problem lies is trying to eliminate certain things for a while or consuming only one type of food for several hours, or even for a few days at a time.

You may also think that eating a mono meal is boring. If that’s the case, I have to assure you it’s quite the opposite, it really is an experience, and I recommend you start with your favorites.

By the way, if you think about it, it’s the most natural way of eating. Have you ever seen a tree with all kinds of foods hanging on it for you to frolic and have a dinner party around? LOL

"So what should I eat?"
The most commonly eaten mono meal consists of fruit. What’s your favorite food? Does your stomach need a break? Have a bowl of your favorite food or have an apple, or a banana, or an orange. It’s as simple as that!

Also, eating a lot of a particular food allows you to ingest chakra-charging COLORS! 🌈

My root is gettin’ some looooove

Curious? Join me for 2 weeks! ☺️

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